Body Cleansing Recipes

Hello! Welcome to my recipes for the body. Look around, I hope you find something you can’t wait to try! I have a few more I’ll be adding.

There is a pic of my homemade soap bars from Kelly Cable’s book. Her link is there if you want to check out her site!

Be safe. Talk to your medical practitioner before making any recipe you’re not sure about.



Ingredients, minus the baking soda and vodka.


This is a nice smelling, gentle cleanser that moisturizes the skin!

2 tablespoons Raw Honey
1 teaspoon Baking Soda
1 teaspoon Castor Oil
1/2 teaspoon Argan Oil or other oil
5 drops Lavender Essential Oil
5 drops Peppermint Essential Oil
1 tablespoon Vodka (to make it a germ killer)
6 ounces Distilled Water, Warm

Directions: Put all ingredients in a bottle and gently shake to combine.

Use as regular body cleanser.

Store in cool place.




I love this one! Skin feels smooth and moisturized when done.

1 cup Coffee Grounds (If you’re using dry grounds you may need more oil.)
1 tablespoon Vodka, as a preservative
1 tablespoon Coconut Oil or other natural oil like Olive
4 to 8 drops Orange Essential Oil or other essential oil (optional)

Directions: Put coffee grounds in a container and then stick your finger in the middle to make a well. Then add all the other ingredients into the well. (I use a pint glass jar that has a plastic lid.)
Screw on lid. Shake to blend.

Store in fridge for about a week or in bathroom for a few days.

No more towel-wrapped-nakedness heading to the kitchen! I kept forgetting to get the scrub from the kitchen so I decided I needed to make it last longer at room temperature. After trying a few things, only one stood out, Vodka. Vodka helps keep the mix from going bad too fast.

Now I just leave it in the bathroom so I’m sure to use it.

If you decide to try leaving it in the bathroom, use your nose to keep tabs on it. First off, get used to how it smells when you make it. And then do a sniff test on it before you use it. If it smells sour toss it out and make more.

Applying: Use 1 to 3 tablespoons. I rinse off first so I’ve got wet skin and then rub it all over my body. Quite a bit of it can and probably will fall off but you’ll still have enough to get the job done. Rub away. If the scrub feels too abrasive ease up on the pressure.

You can use small or large circular motions. If you want to get your circulation and lymph system moving in the right direction here’s what you can do.

Legs: Slide hands upward from foot to hip using light to heavy pressure. Then very lightly slide hands back to foot and then slide them back up with more pressure again. Do this a few times. It feels great and the upward pressure moves blood back toward the heart and helps drain the lymph.

Arms: Slide one hand upward from your other hand up to your shoulder using light to heavy pressure. And like the legs, lightly slide hand back down arm and start over on other side of arm. Do several times. This brings blood toward the heart and drains lymph.

I also rub my hands together for a bit with scrub on them. I do this with straight and curved fingers. It relaxes me and is good for circulation.

When you’re done, just rinse off and pat your body dry. You should feel smooth and moisturized.

Tip: My hubby and I will also shave after rinsing scrub off. You have to rinse the razor a bit more but the razor glides nicely over the skin.

Face Tip: I use scrub gently on my face, then rinse.

Another Face Tip: I also shave my face! I don’t have time to try to pluck whiskers and a million fine hairs. I run the razor downward over cheeks and under nose and over chin. But my chin has whiskers and needs more so I’ll run the razor at different angles over my chin until I get a smooth feel.

I have a YouTube video that shows how. Plus, a copy of that video is on this site.


These are some bars of soap I made from Kelly Cable’s book

The Natural Soapmaking Book For Beginners!

These are a nice change from regularly making body cleanser because they last months and months. Over a year, most likely. They are easy to take when traveling too.

Kelly Cable has a website that is loaded with natural recipes. Simple Life Mom check her out!

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