Small Gifts Outshine the Stars (Dagrinian Love 4)

Sorry, this book is not for sell at the moment. It is under reconstruction. Thanks for your patience. It will be worth it.


New holidays are made in space!

Niya ~ Holidays are great! But being at this dagrinian one allows me to see that I’m losing myself in my alien mate’s world. Megan and Kanda agree. We may have started out as captives but we are beyond that now. It’s time we stand up and show them how we humans throw a party.

We’ll just have to hurry since Megan and Kanda are about to give birth. Between creating a holiday, hot loving, enduring a few hateful dagrinians, spooky as hell lightning strikes, and a scary animal, I’m sure we can pull it off.

5005 is a scary year to be alive. Change is brewing in the holiday air.

Warning: Adult content. This story could be offensive to some. And thrilling to others.

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