Niya’s Alien (Dagrinian Love 3)

Sorry, this book is not on sell at the moment. It is under reconstruction. Thanks for your patience. It will be worth it.


The bond between us pulses with life.

Niya Fox~ My nerves are jumping painfully. I’ve been kidnapped by aliens. I force myself to keep it together because Kanda Oistin, my cage-mate, needs me. She’s my only friend here in outer space…until I see the tall muscular violet skinned male, that is. He calls to me on a primitive level.

After he buys me, our wills clash because he thinks I’m supposed to do everything he says without question. I was a warrior in my Earth tribe. I’m used to being an equal…not a captive. I’ll have to prove I’m honorable, but that’s nothing new to me. I will show Rylem that I’m more than his captive lover…I’m his warrior lover.

5005 is a scary year to be alive. Change is brewing in the stars.

Warning: Adult content. This story could be offensive to some. And thrilling to others!


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