Monstrosity: Apartment Complex On Deadman Lane Episode 2




Powerful series about acceptance of all kinds!

Settle down, I don’t think so. Wandering and fighting are in my blood.

My uncle left me an apartment complex filled with nutty people. Spinning Drug Dealer, Crossdresser, Darkolicious, Big Ears, Troll Lover, Rainbow Teen, Cookie Maker, and Rockie are just too much.

After meeting all of the tenants, I know I can’t stay. They’re annoying as hell. And what’s with those demon eyes in the lobby?

Maybe the fish oil pills they’ve caused me to start taking will kick in before I have heart failure.

The need to sell this monstrosity and get back to my wandering lifestyle is burning me up. Nobody holds down a Draper.

Save some Money. Box Set Available! These short stories are loosely woven but can be enjoyed alone. This series is for people who like short, hilarious dramas where bullies never win and social-freaks are accepted for who they are.

Have a laugh and get to The End this evening!

Warning: You’ll find a French bulldog with lots of issues, adult language, politically incorrect characters, and violence. This story could be offensive to some…or a lot of people.

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