Harden My Heart (Club Release 3)







He is a shaft of light in the darkness my world has become.

Kinsey Lea Walker ~ My fists clench as I stare at the aliens buying me. Food is payment. The humans who captured and sold me are digging through the crates. No remorse is on their faces. I’m nothing to them. Tears threaten. I blink them away. My heart grows heavy, like a stone. The hardening feels good. I was too soft.

I scan the woods and then my captors, my mind races. How am I going to get out of this?

Din Tairin GyRol ~ I’m not here shopping for a seema. I don’t need a pleasure servant but when I see the little human on the sell-block my heart swells unnaturally. Desire whips through me as she captures my full attention. I have to be near her, smell her, touch her.


5006 is a violent year to be alive but his passion lights the darkness.


Warning: Adult content. This story could be offensive to some. HEA

This series does have a series arc so some things will be revealed with time but these things don’t hinder the story’s stand alone status.