Don’t Make Me Love You (Club Release 2)







Love is bad.

Lust is fine. Admiration is too. But not love.

Skyla Burgin ~ My life is fine. It really is. I don’t have a man who loves me or a baby but I’ve accepted that. I’ve moved on.

Alberta pulls me from my silent pep-talk. The bakery needs spices so I head out to get some. A tingle zipping through me has me dropping my basket and then the world turns dark.

When my vision clears, I’m standing next to an intriguing being. Curiosity quickly turns to horror when I’m put in a cage. A scan reveals I’m not alone.

What is in the end cage and how are we going to make it out of here alive?


Din Ryk WavTe ~ The sweetest aroma I’ve ever inhaled leads me to a lush human. One look at her and something dark, possessive, and previously unknown switches on inside me. A driving need to mate her and protect her rushes through me. I’m not leaving this planet without her.


5005 is a violent year to be alive but passion sizzles through the darkness.


Warning: Adult content. This story could be offensive to some. There is also a series arc but to me, as a reader, it doesn’t hinder the story’s stand alone status.

Bonus: Excerpt from Harden My Heart (Club Release 3)!