Talven: Legend of the King

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Adventurous, fast-paced, thrilling read!

Princess Karen Altorin ~ I’m going into my last four years of maturity. Now it’s time to find a hearloon to help me mature properly. Against my wishes, a human is tested and passes. I stomp my foot and refuse him. But my sister overrules me. Now I’m stuck with a tall human who makes me feel funny. Even though he annoys the heshter out of me, it doesn’t take long for me to see that he’s got my back.

Alan Fire Hawk ~ I don’t regret being picked up by talvenians. I wasn’t going anywhere on earth anyways. But I was training. My gut told me I needed to go. One look at the beautiful and enchanting talvenians and I know I’m destined to go with them. That the little princess is spoiled rotten means she needs my help even more. I have to shape her up and then fight by her side. Karen is worth every hit I take.

Danger lurks everywhere.

Warning 17+. Standalone, adventurous, science fiction, young adult story filled with thrilling characters and a twist here and there. Sure to give you a break from reality.

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