Blurb Time! Hide to Stay Alive

2decover_1160x1545 (1)

241 pages for $1.49 😉

This is a Scifi Alien Romance!

Year: 5005

~ Hallie Mead ~

I get the crap scared out of me when a strange thing lands on earth and starts chasing me.

My breath saws in and out of my lungs as I run for my life. A sudden sting in my leg proves I’m not fast enough. Earth is a mess, but that doesn’t mean I want to be forcibly taken from it. The cage I wake up in has me silently screaming. Fear becomes my constant companion—until I see him.

~ Din Zar TocGar ~

A loud commotion from the sell-block nearby piques my interest. Have these aliens found something of great interest or is it just another fight among bestial beings?

I scan the rough crowd until my gaze lands on her. My heart pounds wildly as she gains my full attention. I’m not leaving this planet without the little human. She is mine to take care of—mine to protect.

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